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What is Neurostim

A three-step program that enhances your brain health and boosts cognitive performance. Neurostim uses a mix of advanced therapies tailored to your unique brain mapping to increase neuroplasticity and give you an opportunity to rewire.

Science-Backed Therapuetics

Electric Currents

A gentle workout for your brain, using a low-level current to wake up your brain cells and help them communicate better.

Random Noise

Imagine a brain tune-up; this method uses random signals to reset and sharpen your mind's natural rhythms.


It's like giving your brain a battery boost, using magnetic energy to recharge and restore healthy activity in your brain cells.

Light Therapy

This shines special, safe lights on your head to help soothe and improve brain functions, similar to how sunlight can make you feel more alert and vibrant.


Relief from depression, anxiety, panic disorders, OCD, Post-Concussive Syndrom & TBI, Insomnia, and more

Boosted cognitive function

Improved Memory

Enhanced Sleep

Alleviated fatigue

Improved ADHD symptoms

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Your Care Process


Brain Mapping

We start with a brain map—a simple chart of your brainwaves to see how your brain talks and works, revealing its strengths.


Expert Analysis

Next, we dive into your brain scan details, checking the patterns and stability of your brainwaves to spot any problem areas.


Tailored Care

Finally, you get a custom plan with targeted therapies, to guide your brain towards better balance and health.


Feel a sharper, calmer you—revitalized and at your mental peak, ready for anything.

words from our community

I have a history that includes 4 concussions and 2 Traumatic Brain Injuries. I spent 8 years seeking relief from the symptoms resulting from the challenging past of damage to my brain. I landed at Kuya where I was introduced to NeuroStim. After having a EEG Brain Mapping, I was put into a protocol that included 20+ treatments. After which I had a second EEG Brainmapping performed. My symptoms which had included cognitive slowing, word finding challenges, painful electrical sensations in my body, tinnitus and slow processing have almost completely been corrected. I highly recommend NeuroStim Treatment to anyone who is struggling with concussions and TBI challenges.

Lynette A.

Before NeuroStim, I was constantly grappling with severe anxiety and under the impression that I had ADHD. This belief was a part of my identity for as long as I can remember. After my brain mapping through Neurostim, I learned that my actual issue was hyper-vigilance, and not ADHD. This insight into myself alone was a revelation, but my journey didn't end there. My tailored protocol to address my hyper vigilance and anxiety was remarkable. Within a week, I noticed significant improvements in my focus, sleep quality, and thought patterns. By the second week, my anxiety diminished dramatically and I was able to relax and engage with life in a way I never could before.

Corey K.

"After my tenth session of NeuroStim - I felt a lot of peace and ease. I noticed patterns come up to the surface to be re-worked earlier in my sessions. And by the end, I felt like I was having a release of tension in my mind/body/soul."

Meg D.

What it includes:

-qEEG Brain Map and detailed report
-10 NeuroStim sessions


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