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science proven results

30% more effective than traditional antidepressants

science proven results

50% reduction in OCD symptom after a single dose

science proven results

80% of people report lower relapse rates for a substance addiction.

science proven results

60% success rate in reducing or eliminating symptoms of PTSD

©2023 — Start your journey with Cash
©2023 — Start your journey with Cash
©2023 — Start your journey with Cash
©2023 — Start your journey with Cash
©2023 — Start your journey with Cash
©2023 — Start your journey with Cash
©2023 — Start your journey with Cash
©2023 — Start your journey with Cash
©2023 — Start your journey with Cash

What is Ketamine?

Ketamine is a transformational medicine that effectively treats a range of mental health issues.

Clinical trials have proven that, within your first session, Ketamine can bring relief from:

  • Depression
  • Addiction
  • Anxiety
  • Chronic Pain
  • PTSD
  • OCD

Ketamine has been FDA approved since 1970 as an anesthetic and analgesic, and it has been listed on the World Health Organization's List of Essential Medicines since 1985.

Here's How it Works

Stimulates Neuroplasticity

 Ketamine helps your brain build new neural connections and repair stunted ones by improving its ability to adapt and reorganize.

Break Old Patterns

By momentarily silencing the usual mental chatter, ketamine provides a clean slate which can disrupt ingrained thought patterns.

Promote healthy thinking

 Ketamine nudges the mind into a more receptive state fostering healthier, more adaptive reactions to existing thought cycles.

Experience lasting results

The benefits can endure for months, and periodic "booster" sessions can prolong these benefits even more.

our stateof the art facility in Austin, tx

Kuya is a 10k sq foot facility located 7 mins from downtown Austin with a  cedar dry sauna, 3 custom circulating cold tubs, 3 custom 60 sq ft float tanks and 7 beautifully designed treatment rooms for ketamine therapy and massage, etc.

Our nature-inspired facility unifies ancient wisdom with cutting-edge healing modalities to provide a unique & personalized experience for each individual.

It's important to remember:

Ketamine doesn't do the work,
you do

With our integration-focused approach, we provide safe containers for you to explore and reset at your core. Ketamine is the catalyst, but you are the solution. Ketamine treatments, especially when couples with integration, represent a totally different and disruptive paradigm for the treatment of mental health conditions. That’s why, at Kuya, we offer integration after each Ketamine session. In addition, you get full access to our wellness space, which offers you the ability to integrate in a way that best serves you. 

When the mind thrives,
and the nervous system finds equilibrium,the body has the opportunity to heal.

EVerYday wellness

Sauna and Cold Plunge
  • Sauna detoxifies impurities both physical and emotional
  • Cold therapy helps reset the nervous system and increase metabolic function
Sensory Deprivation FloatTanks
  • Luxurious flotation tanks filled with ~1,500 pounds of magnesium salt
  •  Soften and relax your muscles as you are carried you into a deep state of meditation
VibroAcoustic Sound Bed
  • The Opus bed is an immersive soundscape combined with low-vibration technology and curated meditations.
  • A full sensory experience designed to guide you into a parasympathetic state. 
BioCharging Technology
  • The BioCharger amplifies the body's natural restorative abilities by simultaneously supplying it with  natural energy.
  • Using varying recipes, this technology can reduce inflammation, improve sleep quality, ensure faster recovery, and much more,

Kuya provides an unparalleled experience of
luxury, exclusivity, and transformative wellness.

Welcome to a world where your
well-being is not just valued but celebrated, where your journey to excellence is our shared endeavor.