Somatic Healing Sessions

Aychele Hill

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90 minutes



The Holistic Healing Sessions are customized, personal healing rituals where Aychele applies her expertise over two decades in the Healing Arts. The session starts with a conversation where she will help you to uncover the underlying psychosomatic roots of movement restrictions, physical and emotional blockages, chronic pain and unbalanced tensions in your physical body and in your mental, emotional and energetic fields. Following the assessment of your individual needs, she will invite you to lay down on a massage table or a shiatsu futon, where she will proceed to the treatment using craniosacral therapy, osteo-massage, energy clearing, smudging, crystal therapy, aromatherapy and sound healing.

During the session, you will experience deep relaxation states and access expanded flows of energy in your physical and energetic bodies. The goal of those sessions is to bring your nervous system into the soothing waves of the parasympathetic functions. You may release intense emotions that get trapped into the tissues and you may receive new insights. At the end of the session, you are invited to share about your experience with Aychele and she will then give you further counseling on how you can extend the benefits of the session, which may include stretching, yoga asanas and movement exercises, dietary & herbalism advices, pranayama and meditation practices.

Benefits of a Somatic Healing Session:

  • Relief from migraine and headaches related to neck, ocular, and TMJ tension
  • Recovery from physical injuries
  • Improved blood and lymphatic circulation
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Better management of chronic pain
  • Received insights from spirit guides and ancestors

Your Guide

Aychele Hill is a medicine woman, mama, ceremonialist, integrative healing arts practitioner and storyteller. Born and raised in Brazil, she has been studying and practicing healing arts for over two decades. She received Somatic Movement education from Ivaldo Bertazzo, a renowned Brazilian dancer, physiotherapist and choreographer. The practice of The Bertazzo Method is based in the anatomy and physiology of the movement, world dances and principles of motor coordination, allowing the practitioners to move in ways that increase their vitality, pleasure and unique expression.Aychele carries wisdom from her indigenous roots and from her path as a student and practitioner of a comprehensive array of artistic and healing modalities learned from mentors in her home land, in Canada, France, Belgium and the US, including meditation, dance, poetry, herbalism, ancestral & shamanic healing, osteopathy and therapeutic massages. As a ceremonialist, she bridges ancient wisdom with science and arts, serving as a catalyst for empowering narratives that promote the healing of our relationship with self, others and nature. A poet and lover of nature, she shares her passion for plants, cyclical wisdom and the intelligence of living organisms in medicine ceremonies, classes and private healing sessions worldwide online and in person, in Austin, TX.‍