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Human connection is an intrinsic need that is essential to healing. We thrive when we are in relationships with people we trust who want the best for us, and when we are supported by a community where we know we belong. Kuya stands as a lighthouse for community where we can be ourselves, speak what is in our hearts, and feel safe doing so.

November Events

Nov 1

7:00 pm

Come find out how an offering called Access Bars can help you release thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and emotions, making space to create a new mindset. Get your tickets here (Free for Kuya Members!)

Nov 3

9:00 am

Join us for a practice that will have you settling into presence and bliss as yoga and breathwork instructor, Carrigan Whiteley, guides us into our weekend. Get your tickets here (Free for Kuya Members!

Nov 7

7:00 pm

Relatefulness allows us to experience the nuances of presence in a group, with no specific instruction on where our attention should be. In staying fully in the moment, the conversations that emerge are never less than exciting. Get your tickets here (Free for Kuya Members!)

Nov 8

7:00 pm

There are key aspects to dream boarding that are essential and often overlooked. This class will teach you specifically how to make the dreams on your board become your reality. Skeptical? We have some fun stories to share that may change your perspective. Get your tickets here (Free for Kuya Members!)

Nov 12

11:00 am

This class is devoted to those who are ready to become the superhero for their inner child. In order to free the child, one must be willing to face their trauma and take back their power. Come take your power back at Kuya. Get your tickets here (Free for Kuya Members!)

Nov 13

7:00 pm

Come with an instrument or your voice and make music with us.

Nov 15

7:00 pm

Come understand why you may be anxious, depressed, or mentally foggy with technology that both identifies and restores neural pathways that need repair. Free event:

Nov 16

11:00 am

This event is for mothers looking to connect and network with other mothers. Come hang out at Kuya as Drea holds space for ladies doing exciting things for their families and their businesses.

Nov 17

7:30 am

Same grounding meditation and breathwork, earlier time!

Nov 19

5:30 pm

This workshop will introduce you to the world of intentional microdosing with Kanna and Cacao. We'll meditate and connect using the power of these beautiful heart openers. Get your tickets here (Free for Kuya Members!)

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