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constrast therapy

This dynamic duo of heat and cold is proven to detoxify the body, enhance metabolism, strengthen the immune system, and promote mental clarity.

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Float tanks

Float in a buoyant pool of salt-infused water which effortlessly relaxes your body and mind. Float tanks offer a unique opportunity for introspection, stress reduction, and enhanced creativity.

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IV INfusion

IVs deliver essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients directly into your bloodstream, ensuring maximum absorption and rapid results. Our menu is tailored to meet your unique needs.

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words from our community

I have a history that includes 4 concussions and 2 Traumatic Brain Injuries. I spent 8 years seeking relief from the symptoms resulting from the challenging past of damage to my brain. I landed at Kuya where I was introduced to NeuroStim. After having a EEG Brain Mapping, I was put into a protocol that included 20+ treatments. After which I had a second EEG Brainmapping performed. My symptoms which had included cognitive slowing, word finding challenges, painful electrical sensations in my body, tinnitus and slow processing have almost completely been corrected. I highly recommend NeuroStim Treatment to anyone who is struggling with concussions and TBI challenges.

Lynette A.
LA Neuostim

Kuya already cultivates an environment for people to connect and promotes a life of love & growth. The floating not only aligns with its mission here at Kuya but amplifies their philosophy in transformation. From the first time you enter the tank to the moment you walk out, its an incredible experience. If you have never sat with yourself and listened to the voice within, you'll definitely have a visceral experience.

Z. Montoya
Kuya Silver Member

"After my tenth session of NeuroStim - I felt a lot of peace and ease. I noticed patterns come up to the surface to be re-worked earlier in my sessions. And by the end, I felt like I was having a release of tension in my mind/body/soul."

Meg D.
MG Neuro